Green Radio in Brussels & Sheffield

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15 Jul 2011 - 8:34pm

VCE's Green Radio workshop at the recent Wireless Innovation Forum conference in Brussels addressed a range of important themes, clearly acting as a catalyst for large scale knowledge transfer and collaboration between academia and industry.

In addition to inputs from the VCE participants, the challenges around Heterogeneous network deployments were highlighted by VTT, whilst NSN results from real deployments showed the complexity of evolving existing infrastructure, blending both small cell and wide area coverage, and indicated that there is still room for more innovation in the Power Amplifier stages of basestations. Representatives from the EU projects ICT-C2POWER, ICT-SACRA showed some of the other ongoing European collaborative research activities. 

The panel session highlighted the positive benefits of software definable technologies to reduce hardware churn and how the ability to more flexibly use spectrum will significantly improve the energy efficiency performance of networks.  Our thanks go to Lee Pucker and our other friends in the WIF for their collaboration on this event, and to Oliver Holland, who acted as liaison man, managing the detail. Thanks also to Simon Fletcher of NEC, and Industrial Chair of VCE's Green Radio programme for heading the show and filing the report.

For those who couldn't make it to Brussels, this coming week's Industrial Steering Group meeting in Sheffield will provide an opportunity for VCE member companies to catch up, as well as hearing the latest not-yet-public outcomes emerging from VCE's own research.  Themes for this quarter’s meeting include:

·       Base Station Co-operations under Limited Backhaul

·       Mechanical Relaying Techniques for Green Cellular Networks

·       Flexible Cellular Topologies for Energy Efficiency: Turning Off Relay Nodes

·       Energy Aware Semi-Persistent Coordinated Packet Scheduling for LTE well as a range of other informal presentations.

Full Agenda details are available to members at
Please register via the website if you plan to attend

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