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Digitalisation ... has enabled dematerialisation and changed industries. Yet in many ways we are just at the beginning of this new age of delivering digital services. This is the first of a series of videos, produced by the team from LSE as part of their work for Mobile VCE's User Interactions for Breakthrough Services programme, which explains in simple metaphors what is involved in moving goods and services from the physical to the cyber world.

The series draws parallels between things we are familiar with in our physical environment on order to explain the mechanisms involved - digitalisation, platforms, generativity, control points, curated platforms, the competitive tensions and platform strategies to manage those tensions. Enjoy !

UX Tool

Phone/Tablet Usability Field Testing ... just install the software, deploy, capture & analyse live field data - easy, cheap & accurate. 

As demonstrated at Mobile VCE's Innovation Showcase event in June 2011 on an Android Nexus One, this UK tool allows us to record, replay & analyse user interactions with the device. Running in the background, the software can support live, in-the-field, monitoring of a large user base at low cost. It enables phone designers to capture detailed information to analyse how a product is actually used with great accuracy, and to explore its reception by different types of users - previously expensive and perhaps impractical. 

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