Intro to VCE

What is VCE ?

VCE is the operating name of the Virtual Centre of Excellence in Mobile and Personal Communications Ltd, a collaborative, not-for-profit, industrial-academic partnership, which undertakes industrially-led, strategic research, innovation and application of communications and information technologies. Member companies include Alcatel-Lucent, BBC, Fujitsu, Huawei, NEC, Nokia Siemens Networks, Orange, Thales, Toshiba, Turner, Vodafone, as well as non-commercial observer members DSTL and HMGCC.

Bridging the gap between industry needs and academic research, VCE's industry members develop & steer shared strategic vision and research initiatives. VCE has recently broadened its remit, inviting membership from innovative small & medium sized companies, as well as from companies wishing to explore opportunities to use the latest technologies to transform other industry sectors.

VCE's collaborative culture has enabled it to pioneer highly effective processes whereby industry takes a pro-active lead in defining and steering our activities, which are undertaken by pan-university teams drawn from its academic members. Moving forward, an increasing involvement of innovative SMEs, particularly in application activities, is envisaged.

VCE began life in 1996 as a UK initiative but since 2000 has operated internationally, reflecting the global nature of the industry. New members are welcome from the information, communication and application industries - please contact us for information.





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