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VCE undertakes world-class, industry-steered, strategic research, innovation and application aimed at enabling our member companies to deliver on the promise of 'Delivering Digital' to transform society and industry'.  We create value for our member companies - from across the world - through the industrially-led activities of strategic vision, research, innovation & application usi wireless digital technology and services.

Industrial Membership

Founded in 1996, VCE has succeeded in establishing an excellent and sustained atmosphere of partnership and trust amongst our members, which enables them all to benefit. Through shared vision, our industry members define, initiate and then reap the fruit of new ground-breaking research and innovation to facilitate future revenue streams for their companies. Mid-tier and innovative SME companies are playing an increasingly important role, as BigCos seek to acquire products, technologies and even companies to enable the digital future. The key industrial benefits of membership are strategic, but the financial leverage is also substantial, enabling companies to co-fund shared pre-competitive research which can be quickly defined & initiated. 

Industrial membership is open to any organisation interested in participating in the work of the Mobile VCE. Full Industrial Members - typically multi-$bn global telcos and manufacturers - pay an annual membership fee which is used to fund research activities, and enjoy full Industrial Steering Rights. In 2011 the annual subscription for a full industrial member is £45,000 which buys access to a programme of research in excess of £2m, well over 40x financial leverage. Smaller ICT companies - mid-tier companies and SMEs - may join as Associate Members at a reduced subscription level and with lesser rights.

In 2010 VCE began hosting workshops involving application industry sectors - initially transport and healthcare - and presented its vision for 'Transforming Industries' at the Technology World event that year. In 2011 changes to its constitution made it possible now for companies from other industries to join VCE, as a lesser cost than full industrial members from the ICT sector, to work with them to develop ongoing relationships, vision and joint projects. 


University Membership

Leading UK research Universities with the necessary world-class skills in the relevant field and a strong commitment to academic and industry collaboration are invited as academic members and contracted to undertake research projects, overseen through regular Industry Steering meetings. Ongoing performance is assessed by our Industrial members and is used to determine future participation; such mechanisms preserve the highest quality of research. As the scope of VCE activities have increased, so a new category of Contributing University Member was introduced in 2011, enabling our Industrial Members to obtain a wider access to the UK's deep University research base across wider areas.


Intellectual Property

Member companies enjoy full royalty-free access to the IPR and knowhow arising from those activities that they fund, as well as early access to collaboration opportunities across the value chain. A comprehensive and well proven Intellectual Property Agreement exists, which provides confidentiality and protects members' rights, whilst not being in any way onerous.


Further Information

Additional information is available on this website or on request.  If your company would like to become an industrial member, or you would like to know more, please contact the Mobile VCE office:
Email:   jennyj @
Phone:  +44 7971 032568

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