Mobile VCE News Update - July 2011

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In this issue: 
  1.     Transition – What & Why
  2.     Implementing Transition – An Update for Industrial Members & Partners – 27th July 2011 – London
  3.     Changing the Way we Communicate … if you only read one article read this !
  4.     Green Radio Industrial Steering Group – 20th July 2011 – Sheffield

Events and News

1.  Transition – What & Why

Our last Newsletter reported on the Members’ General Meeting of 1st June at which recommendations for change were presented and approved by Mobile VCE’s membership. (More detail may be found on our Blog @; detailed meeting minutes have been issued to all members). 

What - Key changes that are now being implemented include an opening up of membership to mid-tier and SME players in ICT, to application industries and to new Universities. This is being accompanied by an extension of its remit beyond mobile and beyond research, to bring innovation & application of wireless ICT into other sectors and industries.

Why - In part these changes reflect developments within the global communications industry, and are geared to delivering more value to our industrial members. However, more importantly, the changes are anticipating the potential of what within VCE we term the 'Third Wave of Wireless' to transform other industries. We believe the economic and societal impact of this new wave will exceed even what has been seen already through mobile telephony and the mobile web.

This ‘Third Wave of Wireless’ refers to adding realtime, individualised, Context (of people and objects) to these earlier waves, of Connectivity (ubiquitous mobile telephony) and Content (ubiquitous mobile web). 

Rather than wait for it to happen, VCE wants to enable the application of this third wave for and with VCE’s member companies, building upon VCE’s unique position in the UK, where a synergy is being recognized between the potential of such a transition to contribute to the economic growth agenda and the advent of new government policies and attitudes, as evidenced at last week’s industry-wide meeting to explore a Future Internet Technology & Innovation Centre – see the VCE Blog for more details.

2.  Implementing Transition – An Update for Industrial Members & Partners – 27th July 2011 – London

Progress in implementing the transition outlined in June will be presented to all our industrial, academic and observer members and to some of our partner organizations at the upcoming Members’ Day, to be hosted at Kings College London on 27th July. We’d encourage all our members to put this date in your diary and to register now @, where members can download a provisional agenda.

3.  Changing the Way we Communicate … if you only read one article read this !

In the spirit of the above trend, we are providing realtime context to our thinking by changing the way we communicate. Thus possibly the key message of this newsletter is to invite you to follow and engage with VCE in (at least) one of the following ways. You can…

We will increasingly be migrating to using these feeds for news, so please do check them out. The Blog is the master feed, is being frequently updated and will contain more detail than available here. Watch out for the launch of our YouTube channel shortly…you’ll hear it first on the Blog…

4.  Green Radio Industrial Steering Group – 20th July 2011 – Sheffield

The next Green Radio Industry Steering Group is fast approaching, hosted at Sheffield University on 20th July. Themes for this quarter’s meeting include:

  • Base Station Co-operations under Limited Backhaul
  • Mechanical Relaying Techniques for Green Cellular Networks
  • Flexible Cellular Topologies for Energy Efficiency: Turning Off Relay Nodes
  • Energy Aware Semi-Persistent Coordinated Packet Scheduling for LTE

There will also be poster/discussion sessions on

  • A System Level Performance Investigation of Relaying Techniques
  • Energy Consumption Comparison of LTE-Femtocell and 802.11n Enterprise Networks: SISO v MIMO
  • Power Aware Cooperative Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks

Sheffield University is a new academic member of Mobile VCE, so the day will also include an opportunity for our Industrial Members to meet some of the academic staff and to see their wider capability, an opportunity to understand the new resources available to our member companies.

Members can download the Agendas & register to attend @

NOTE: Mobile VCE Website Access Access to certain information, including Industrial Steering Groups etc, requires a Members’ Area username & password, obtainable from the primary contact person for your Company and/or the relevant Industry Chairman. If you do not know who to contact, please e-mail

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