Phone/Tablet Usability Field Testing

Blog date: 
24 Jun 2011 - 10:30am

... just install the software, deploy, capture & analyse live field data - easy, cheap & accurate.  

This week's Innovation Showcase showed a live demo on an Android Nexus One, to record, replay & analyse user interactions with the device. Running in the background, the software can support live, in-the-field, monitoring of a large user base at low cost. It enables phone designers to capture detailed information to analyse how a product is actually used with great accuracy, and to explore its reception by different types of users - previously expensive and perhaps impractical.

The replay software running on a PC showing time-stamped user behaviour

Unsurprisingly it drew a lot of attention, including interest in commercialisation - exactly the aim of the Showcase. The above link provides more detail - we'll be posting a video shortly. Contact the VCE office if you'd like a demo.

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